Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shoorpakarna - The Lord with big ears.

A year back, for a change, I observed the arrival of Lord Ganpati to our house with more sincerity than before. And yes, I felt good.

The almighty was bid farewell the very next day, however, I couldn't dig time out, from what I call a busy schedule, to immerse him into water till Wednesday.

And so, I saw some 1st, 3rd and 5th day processions towards immersion and my, what religious fervour we have in our country.

The Lord has become more and more appealing to the masses in Pune. This affection for the lord is reflected in the efforts the umpteen Mitr Mandals are making in keeping him decorated and the audience raptured.

Light and sound effects are a good means to keep the Lord looking cool and the audience raptured. Never before have a seen disco lights for the Lord. I said to myself "Hey, why not!" And nowhere else have I heard the latest of latest Marathi, Hindi, Pakistani and Disco remix. Well, at least when I was in Hyderabad, no. Things may have changed though.

One of the Lord's names is Shoorpakarna or the big-eared for being able to listen to information coming from all directions. Check the picture above, the ears of the Amitabh Bachchan of Ganpati's in Pune is actually adorned with Gold!

So here are some numbers which the Lord hears often.

Hatta la Dhar Laya...
you've got to hear this song. This Marathi number may arouse the deepest of feelings in you. It isn't in vogue. Full credit to someone who points me to a link containing this number.

Kaala kauwa kaat khaayegaa...
True the lord preached speaking the truth else hell will befall. You've got to hear this number being belted. Again, this number is out of vogue since the last 2-3 years.

Aaa ante Amalapuram... Yes, the lord says listen to everything, classical or modern, melodious or not, with meaning or not. Can't get a number like this with deeper meaning. Check the video for the in-depth devotion!

Bidi Jaleyi le.... What depths of devotion can this song take you to when it asks the smoker to light his bidi from the bosom of his lover because her bosom is on fire!!!

De De Pyar De... What does a drunkard do when in need of love? Belts out a number like this.

Ayka Dajiba... It's a message of love. Listen Oh! man. Don't give me love. Don't even give me your heart. So many people have come and gone. Everyone feels I am first. Everyone says, oh dear, I am immersed in your eyes. Listen Oh man, don't talk anymore, don't do any more hanky panky, if you have the guts make me your wife, take me home. Then I am your bai you're my Baba and whatever you say will happen, listen Oh man! Hmm.....

Dhaga La Lagli Kala... This song demonstrates depth in meaning. When two clouds clash, it rains lightly.

Arey re main to gaya re... This one is all about money being everyone's dream.

Oh Saki Saki... Another favorite of a drink connoisseur. Who is that drunkard who is not drunk? Who is that drunkard who commits such a mistake? Who is that drunkard whose heart is not full of sorrow? Such a drunkard is worthless without my company. Whew!!!!

Baba Lagin... What you can do when you have the wall of speakers, but no dhol around you?

Kombdi palali... Chicken dance....

The final all-time favourite "Are you ready???" For what one would ask? And then this remix number would vibrate all parts of your body.

Are they really the songs handpicked for the 10 day Ganpati festival? Or are these the collection from that Donje rave party?

Ekadantaaya Vidmahe Vakratundaaya Dhimaahi
Tanno Dantihi Prachodayaat.

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