Saturday, October 18, 2008

Airport service or airport horror!

The newly built Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad near Hyderabad is touted as being a boon to passengers. Here are the said pros:

  1. Decongests the traffic inside hyderabad.
  2. Provides world class facilities.
  3. Also provides connectivity via shuttles to different parts of the city.
Dissection time.

I wonder how it decongests traffic in the city. People will still need to commute from within the city to the airport. It doesn't say anything about increasing the travel and therefore consuming more petrol and therefore more pollution to the city. I wonder, what was in the mind of whoever came up with the model of transport hubs for a city being located out of the city!!!!

Yeah, world class facilities like putting the baggage on a conveyer belt and not letting passengers know for a cool half hour which belt they have put it on.

Shuttle connectivity needs to really be reviewed. The web site talks about the frequency of shuttle services and the toll free number. Dial the number and you shall be treated to an example of world class irresponsibility.

These are one of many examples where the government in tandem with the project builders build a facility with no idea of the operations. Operations evolve as the number of frustrations increase.

When the move from Begumpet to Shamshabad was announced, the 100 rupees one would have paid to get home from the airport suddenly rose to Rs 1500. The days when one paid 2500 for a air ticket, it seemed ridiculous. So my grandmother cancelled her ticket, travelled by train to Chennai for Rs 250. And took a flight from Chennai to Ahmedabad. And guess what it went via Hyderabad, so she had a free dekko of the world class facilities in the comfort of the economy class.

Imagine a business man commuting more than an hour to and from the city. He could have possibly conducted better business if he had an extra hour!!!!

And worst! The old airport is going to be used by the country's public servants. Good??? Makes me want to be a public servant!!!!

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