Friday, March 20, 2009

Security for cricket.

With tragic incidents occurring in Lahore, security for the game of cricket is becoming a big issue. After all players need to be protected.

Let's look at teams from the Indian subcontinent for example. These include the four cricket playing nations of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

For the most part, these players come from simple (even poor) backgrounds. For the most part, they might have lived through their early part of the career amidst all the economic, social and political problems. One has been through all the trouble and is familiar with the ground reality.

Once a national position has been secured, the player is suddenly exalted. He is paid so much money that a new worry takes priority. That is the worry of security for self.

It is perfectly fine for one to make money. After all that is one's dream.

However if this endeavor comes at a cost of another need (the need to feel secure), there should be more thought to it.

What if this player never made a fuss about security? What if he mixed with the kids of his neighborhood? What is he spent some of his moolah is resurrecting the game in his neighborhood? What is he signed autographs for his entire neighborhood? Wouldn't his neighborhood be security for him now? He may have spent lesser time doing ads, therefore earned a little less, but he is definitely at peace feeling secure.

Coming to IPL and security arrangements for it. 80 bullet proof jeeps!!!! Why not conduct the IPL in an indoor stadium with no audience!!!! I am sure the IPL boys will think this may be a good idea.

The best way to tackle security is to feel secure. Here's my take.

At the venue:
  1. Have one metal detector at each gate.
  2. Do not allow anything in hand.
  3. Sell more tickets to famililes. Make the game more enjoyable to families rather than hooligans. Allow for exceptions to families.
  4. Provide ample amount of free water.
  5. Provide for ample amount of food.
For players:
  1. For players of the same country, your people should be your security. We must evolve to this level. This applies to the adminstrators of IPL too. It is a shame if one has to be escorted through the back gate of an event one is administering.
  2. For guests, do whatever it takes.

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