Saturday, February 15, 2014


Let's say we have a school (country) where each class(state) has 5 sections(constituencies). The students of a section get to elect their teacher. The caucus of 5 teachers get to decide the program for the calendar year. Nevertheless there are elections at the end of the year. Bear in mind, this is a story of a fictitious school.

Now for class X , there are 3 groups of teachers the AAP(2 teachers), the BAAP(2 teachers) and the C(Sh)AAP group(1 teacher). Group B and Group C are not seeing eye to eye with each other. Group C has just been reduced from 5 to 1, the primary reason being poor cleanliness(police) and chalk(water) supply to the class room. Group A grew from 0 to 2. Group B would have been 4 but for the new A group.

Group A is a group of ex-students. They've seen and and been used to mal-administration of group B and C right from when they were students. The young, out-of-the-box thinking group. A is being perceived as a head-ache by B and C, be in class or school administration. 

A's ways are very clear. Empower, Engage and Involve the students to come up with solutions. Do not hold closed door meetings to decide what is good for students.

To add more spice, group C was the oldest group of teachers since school inception. Being in Group C allows one to be in several committees, sub-committees, eat and drink lots of chai and samosas and take some home too! I mean come on! They have been there since inception. Isn't that just a tiny perk? Alongside once in a while pick-up and drop-offs of course.

Group B wants to impose salwar kameez onto girls because that is a better solution than reprimanding boys for misdemeanour. Group B hates Valentines Day and loves Bhai Dooj. 

And of course Group B and C love privileged parking for teachers as against the bicycle parking by students. And yes, every bicyclist must wear a helmet and have a lamp on his cycle. There are no restrictions(wearing seat belts, driving under 20 in campus) for privileged vehicles.

Group A asks class X as to whether they should form the administration for Class X with the support of group C. The students respond" yes, please and form the administration as long as possible because we don't want B or C to administrate Section X. The last time C did, we didn't have chalk in the classroom and the rooms were not clean". 

Unfortunately, cleaning of Class X is in the hands of the School Admin(country) which is being run by C. They decide when the janitors(police) can enter and sweep the class. Teachers of group A protest. 

Also the supply of chalk is being run by the group of C teachers who claim it is their birth right since they have been in the school from the time of "ribbon-cutting" opening the premises.

Finally the school admin, run by a majority of group C teachers publish a monthly record(at least that's what they claim) of every teacher to each student. Group B tries to publish their record in their own newsletter too. The numbers often contradict. 

Group A invites students to write their newsletter.

Group A tries to bring a reform which will improve the administration allowing the students to approach an arbitrator if there is a dispute. Groups B and C are in a quandary: reason ? school admin elections are coming up (again elected by students). The school vice president(C group) sends a note to Class X saying it cannot bring such reform. 

Class X calls for a meeting of all students. The janitor says he can't arrange for the meeting in the school assembly as there will be a law and order problem. However the janitor can make arrangements for school day and founder's day when the school administration asks.

So group A is in a political deadlock when administering Class X. They can do nothing. Of course, they can continue to do nothing and let the year pass after which the students will see A as one of B and C. Or, they can invoke the very existence of A, dismiss the administration for class X and call for a fresh election. 

In essence, A is fighting school and class with the administrative tools provided and not twiddling their thumbs in inaction.

If this comparison makes somewhat sense, I want to be a group A teacher. Or at least a student supporting group A for life. 

Lastly, if the students perceive a better option that A, good luck!

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